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Our Approach Towards (Re)Designing Your Property Is As Refreshing As It Is Straightforward

SDS is dedicated from the first phone call and meet and greet to the completion of the project with absolute attention not only to the project but open communication with the client. It is critical to maintain communication and coordination to have a successful project everyone can be proud of.  The initial meeting may take place at the clients home or a Site visit with the client to discuss preliminary details and project goals. The Scope of Work is developed with consultants and project fees, schedules and proposals are provided. SDS works with not only knowledgeable and experienced consultants to create the best design and construction but also with equally qualified Builders. Together as a group we work as a team with continuous communication to meet high standards throughout the project.


SDS not only designs beautiful and exciting homes that every client requires but is also incorporating environmentally sustainable design that aims at improving the health and comfortably of occupants in the building. This design approach also improves energy conversation and reuse of materials.  Common elements of green design includes alternative energy resources with solar panels. Solar panels can greatly reduce the costs of daily operations of any building and can either be mounted on the roof or ground mounted. Water in the west is an ongoing environmental challenge to manage the use with a growing population and agriculture. Grey water systems and rain water collection are easy design approaches to reduce tap water use and irrigate landscaping. Low water use plumbing fixtures and appliances also decrease water usage combined with tankless water heaters. Building insulation has many options to fit every project to maximize and control daily operating costs. Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) can be used as wall and roof construction that is energy efficient and structurally sound. Windows play a key role with larger views and maximizing the indoor / outdoor relationship. All these building elements and more are always considered and incorporated into every design on every project.

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